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Team Turner comprises professionals from diverse fields and ministries committed to excellence in faith and practice of its vision and mission.


Dr. Ammie L. Davis, President-Dean -

Dr. Valdes Snipes, Executive Administrator -

Gerri Hill, Administration and Office Manager -

Brenda Kennell, Interim Chief Financial Officer, 

Robert L. Johnson III, Director of Facility and Residental Life -

Isaiah White ~ Facility and Residential Life Assistant -

Leslie White, Director of Fund Development & Alumni Engagement -

Bo Barber, Director of Communications & Public Relations -

Jeniffer Fletcher, Business and Financial Manager -

Robelyn McNair, Director of Human Resources -

Quijonia Hayes, Human Resources & Financial Administrative Assistant -

TBA Security Manager


Vice-President of Academic Affairs & Provost
VP of Administration & Special Initiatives
VP of Institutional Effectiveness, Advancement, & Sustainability
Director of Enrollment Management & Registrar
Director of Admissions, Retention & Student Services
Director of Relational & Spiritual Health Services
Director of Continuing Education
Director of Chaplains Recruitment Program
Director of Field Placement & Ministry in Context
Director of Financial Services & Financial Aid

Certificate Program Coordinators
Valdes Snipes, Ph.D. ~ Director of Continuing Education
Darvin Adams, Ph.D. ~ Certificate in Theology
Cynthia Gordon-Floyd, CPA, CFE ~ Certificate in Church Financial Management
Christopher Campbell, D.Min. ~ Certificate in Missiology
i Belin Ingram, D.Min. ~ Certificate in Urban/Rural Ministry
Michael Ephraim, D.Min. ~ Certificate in Church Administration & Nonprofit Management
Darrell Wesley, Ph.D. ~ Certificate in Trauma Informed Pastoral Care
Clarence Mitchell, M.Div. ~ Certificate in Media Production & Streaming Management for Churches
Robin Porter Smith, CFCE ~Certificate in Lay Leadership & Managing Volunteers
James A. Plenty, E.dD. ~ Certificate in Sacred Music & Worship


Student Interns & Volunteers

Isaiah White ~ Residential Life (RA) - Health & Safety
TBA ~ Mass Communication
Christina Collins ~ Office Assistant and Marketing
Trinity Smith ~ Residential Life (RA) Student Success - Tutoring
Emmanuel Deen ~ Residential Life (RA) Media and Engagement


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