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Certificate in Church Financial Management I

The Certificate

in Church Financial Management I

(Noncredit Continuing Education Program)

Program Coordinator

Cynthnia Gordon Floyd, CPA CFE


The Certificate in Financial Management I (CCFM-1) is a 9-month continuing education program designed to provide an organized, structured series of eight (8) courses in Church Financial Management.  Our churches are blessed to receive the tithes and sacrificial gifts from our congregants and visitors.  Our responsibility to God and our members is to handle this fiduciary trust with the utmost care and integrity.  In order to properly steward the church's finances, we must understand the needs of our church, the law, best practices and policies and procedures required for maintaining strong internal controls while ensuring that we support a vibrant environment for ministry. 

The CCFM-1 is an online program open to all interested individuals with or without college degrees.  Classes will be interactive and challenging while addressing everyday issues facing our church ministries.


This initial certificate class will be followed by Certificate in Financial Management II (CCFM-2), designed as a deep dive into each topic covered in CCFM-1 to prepare Certificate II holders to teach and train other church leaders.

Cost of Attendance

Full Tuition: $1800  

Admission Application: FREE

Registration: $50 (non-refundable)


Total Cost: $1850 per Certificate Program for Tuition and Registration  

Cost per class: $225  |  One-Time Registration: $50  

The Program commitment requires nine months of study to complete eight (8) courses that are taught over a 4-week period per class.  Class sessions are every other week (2 times per month) for 2-3 hours per class and multiple classes are offered during each Fall and Spring term.

Courses Offered (Noncredit)

All eight (8) courses must be successfully completed to receive a Certificate in Church Financial Management I.

  • Establishing and Maintaining the Financial Foundation of the Church

  • Understanding Pastoral and Church Staff Compensation and Reporting Requirements

  • The Role of the Finance Committee/Commission on Stewardship & Finance

  • Understanding the Legal Limitations of Monetary Solicitations, Love Offerings & Other Gifts

  • Fund Accounting 101 and its significance in non-profit accounting

  • Understanding Internal Controls and Segregation of Duties

  • How to Effectively Prepare and Structure a Budget in a Church Environment

  • How to Select and Implement a Church Specific Management /Accounting System (ChMs)


TUITION & FEES (Non-refundable):

Course Tuition is $225.00 per course.  Course Registration one-time fee is $50 payable at time of registration. This payment schedule must be followed by all students.  

$225 per course for Tuition! $50 - One time Registration Fee


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