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Supporters of Turner Theological Seminary including, trustees, alumni, faculty, staff and students, can make a gift to Turner Theological Seminary in a number of ways. Your gift to the Seminary provides insurmountable opportunities and benefits to the students and to our thrust. Your gift also helps to enhance our mission and  support our continuous commitment towards making a difference in the experience of the Turner Seminary student.


Pay Deposit & Housing Fees
Please note that you must be accepted to the ITC, Morris Brown College or AUC Universities before you can apply to live in Talbot Hall's campus housing. To complete this step, you must submit application and pay the $500 Deposit ($100 is nonrefundable).


Pay Certificate Program Tuition & Fees

Cost Per Course: $225  |  Admission Application: FREE  |  Registration: $50 (non-refundable)  

Total Cost: $275 per course for Tuition and Registration  

The Certificate Programs are continuing education programs designed to provide structured courses for ministers

and lay persons who want to improve their knowledge and preparedness for ministry.  The Certificate Programs are open

to all interested individuals, with or without college degrees.   


Please specify which course (s) you are paying for in the comment section.  For addition information email:


For more information on making a gift to Turner Theological Seminary, please contact us at:


Turner Theological Seminary 
702 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30314

You can also direct inquires to our email address at

Thank you for your support of Turner Theological Seminary efforts.

The appropriate person from the Seminary will respond to you as soon as possible.

We thank you for your Generosity! 

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