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Our History

Turner Theological Seminary began as a department of Morris Brown College in 1894. For nine years, Alfred Steward, D.D., a former United States Army chaplain, was elected the first dean of theology. In the interim, the Rev. E. L. Chew was also elected, but the Rev. E. W. Lee, a former principal who was subsequently elected president of Morris Brown College, was the first to serve as dean of theology. Twelve persons made up the first student body. The name Turner Theological Seminary was approved in 1900 in honor of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner, the resident Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and senior bishop of the denomination at that time.

The Seminary remained on the campus of Morris Brown College until 1957 when a building was acquired at 557 Mitchell Street. The Trustee Board of Morris Brown College, under the leadership of Bishop William Reid Wilkes, Sr., authorized Turner Theological Seminary to become a founding constituent of the Interdenominational Theological Center in 1958. Dr. George A. Sewell was appointed Director/Dean. A charter was obtained in 1975 and a separate Board of Trustees was appointed under the leadership of Bishop Richard Allen Hildebrand.

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3 Ways To Give

Friends and supporters of Turner Theological Seminary including, trustees, alumni, faculty, staff and students, can make a gift to Turner Theological Seminary in a number of ways. Your gift to the Seminary provides insurmountable opportunities and benefits to the students and to our thrust. Your gift also helps to enhance our mission and  support our continuous commitment towards making a difference in the experience of the Turner Seminary student.


Pay Housing Fees


For more information on making a gift to Turner Theological Seminary, please contact us at:


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You can also direct inquires to our email address at

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