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The Board of Trustees manages the governance, property, affairs, and business of the Corporation and exercises fiduciary oversight of Turner Theological Seminary (TTS). The Board of Trustees shall oversee the management of the operations of TTS through the President/Dean of TTS and establish policies that frame the execution of administrative, educational, and financial matters.


Bishop Reginald T. Jackson
Chair, Board of Trustees

Bishop Michael Mitchell, 1st Vice-Chair
Bishop Harry Seawright, 2nd Vice-Chair
Rev. Larry Hudson, Treasurer
Rev. Dr. Jimmie L. Williams III, Secretary
Ms. Gloria Byrd, Assi
stant Secretary
Reverend Ammie L. Davis, Ph.D., President-Dean


Board of Trustees & Standing Committees Chairs

Rev. Dr. Gregory Eason – Budget & Finance
Rev. Dr. Susan Buckson – Special Events

Rev. Dr. Anton Elwood - Nominations
Colonel  Monica Lawson - Academic Affairs & Scholarships

Rev. Dr. Vandy Simmons – Building & Grounds
Sarah Goggans, Esq – Governance, Risk, Compliance &

Budget and Finance

Rev. Dr. Gregory V. Eason, Chair
Bishop Michael Mitchell
Rev. Dr. Larry Hudson
Rev. Dr. David Rhone
Rev. Augusta H. Hall, Jr.
Rev. Dr. Tar-u-way Bright
Rev. Dr. Ronald Slaughter
Rev. John Foster, Ph. D.
Rev. Dr. Dorothea Dawkins-Haigler
Dr. Leslie R. White

Governance, Risk,
Compliance & Personnel

Sarah Goggans, Esq, Chair
Leah Dupree Love, Esq
Roy Klauber
Ron Tant
Ms. Gloria Byrd, Assistant Secretary

Nominations & Trusteeship

Rev. Dr. Anton Elwood, Chair
Bishop Adam J. Richardson, Jr
Ms. Gloria Byrd
Rev. Dr. Ronald Owens
Rev. Dr. Moses Simms
Judge Amanda Heath

Academic & Student Affairs,
Endowment and Scholarship

Colonel Monica Lawson, Chair
Bishop Frederick Wright
Glenell Lee-Pruitt, Ph.D.
Rev. Terence Gray
James Allen, Ph.D.
Rev. Will Thomas, Alumni President
Rev. Leonard Kaigler, Fellowship President

Building and Grounds

Dr. Vandy Simmons, Chair
Bishop Harry L. Seawright
Rev. Dr. Kevin Moore
Rev. Mark Pierson
Rev. George Tyler
Rev James Alexander

Special Events

Rev. Dr. Susan Buckson, Chair
Bishop John F. White, Jr
Rev. Dr. Michael Ephraim
Rev. Dr. Harvey Williamson
Rev. Thomas Stegall
Mrs. Alfreda Brooks
Rev. Richard Washington

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