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Safety and Security Mission


The security department of Turner Theological Seminary (TTS) is entrusted with the duty of ensuring that all individuals on campus, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors, are situated in a safe and secure environment. Our responsibility is to establish ourselves as a formidable deterrent against criminal activity and property destruction, while also safeguarding the integrity of education from any external influences.

TTS Community Safety Tips

Safety and security issues must be considered year-round. Following these tips can help you avoid crime with a little more focus:


  • Travel in couples or groups whenever feasible.

  • Be always aware of your surroundings.

  • Make eye contact with those approaching and watch their movements as you go.

  • Keep your keys handy and lock the doors when you enter your home or car.

  • Avoid pedestrian robbery by calling from safe places and not walking in parking decks or on city streets.

  • Limit headphones or phone volume when listening to music or talking. Clothing, tiny change, bags, and cartons should never be visible in your car.

  • Avoid using ATMs in remote areas or after dusk.

  • Give friends and family your trip arrangements, including departure and arrival times and routes.

  • Avoid carrying significant amounts of cash.

  • Keep your credit or debit card separate from cash and other cards when shopping.

  • Always fill your gas tank at least half full and service your car before traveling.

  • If you break down while traveling, stay in your locked car and call for help.


The TTS Safety and Security Department advises following your instincts. Please protect yourself and your belongings if a situation feels unsafe or uncomfortable.  Contact TTS Safety & Security for additional safety advice.

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Turner Theological Seminary Mission
Turner Theological Seminary (TTS) is African Methodist Episcopal in origin and affiliation and multidenominational in spirit. TTS prepares men and women for ecclesial leadership in the African-American tradition of theological reflection, liberation, evangelism, justice, and reconciliation to transform a diverse community of learners into future global leaders who impact the church and the world.
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