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 Special Programs & Initiatives

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Turner Theological Seminary (TTS), an institution of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, has a long history of training future ecclesial leaders "for a prepared ministry" through its academic programs in theology and leadership. TTS offers a variety of Special Programs and initiatives designed to foster a holistic theological education lived experience.


The Turner Institute of Political, Religious, Spiritual,

and Social Justice Advocacy (TIPRSS)


The TIPRSS is a leadership development program for clergy and laity training for social change that affects individuals, communities, churches, and the global community. TIPRSS collaborates with numerous partners and organizations to provide programs that promote and integrate participation in equality and justice for commonly disregarded dimensions of diversity, such as politics, religion, spirituality, and social justice activism. TIPRSS assists participants in evaluating the quality and efficacy of their church's and community's social justice activities and determining how to put their faith into practice best.


The Reverend Jarena Lee Women Leadership Academy (JLWLA)

The JLWLA is a leadership enrichment program for empowering and advancing women in ministry. The JLWLA will provide two programs for women in ministry: one for individuals serving in rural and small churches and communities and another for emerging women leaders under 40 serving in the church. An accomplished group of instructors, coaches, and facilitators assist program participants in deepening their sense of calling and service. The topics covered reflect the many needs of modern ministry, such as strategic leadership, effective communication tactics, networking, and ministry-work-life balance. JLWLA aims to enhance the skills, gifts, and talents of women preparing to lead, develop, organize, and administer ministry programs in the connectional, local church, parachurch, and mission environments.

The Institute of Afrocentric Learning and

Global Leadership (IALGL)

The IALGL Institute emerges as a beacon of intellectual enlightenment, positioned at the nexus of tradition and progress. Rooted in a profound commitment to fostering academic excellence, spiritual resilience, and global leadership, our purpose is to serve as a vessel for the harmonious integration of knowledge drawn from the rich tapestry of learning from an Afrocentric lens. Our mission is to bridge the yawning chasm that often exists between the sacred realm of the church, the hallowed halls of the academy, and the pragmatic world of public policymakers.

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