Talbot Hall Housing Application


Interdenominational Theological Center

702 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SW

Atlanta, Georgia  30314

Office (404) 527 - 0080 | Fax  (404) 527 - 4687

Residential Life Director: Reverend Traves Reames | treames@itc.edu


     Talbot Hall -Fall/Spring 2022 - 2023 Housing Fees


          Fall/Spring                                                Semester               Monthly

   Dormitory/shared:                                         $1800                      $450

   Dormitory/single:                                           $2800                      $700

   Efficiency                                                         $3600                      $900

    Apartments                                                    $4700                     $1175


     Talbot Hall - Summer 2022 Housing Fees


                                                         Dormitory/shared:                      $400 per Session           $450

                                                         Dormitory/single:                        $700 per Session           $750


Please note that a $500 security deposit (includes $100 non-refundable application

and processing fees) is required for new Fall/Spring/Summer residents



A Minimum of half of room fee must be paid at the beginning of the semester or at the time of room check-in. The balance or second half of rooming fees are due by mid-semester for the Fall semester. At the end of the Fall semester all students must move out of the dorm.


During the Spring semester, a minimum of half of room fee must be paid on or before room check-in. The second half will be due on or before mid-semester. At the end of the Spring semester all students must move out of the dorm. “Graduating Seniors” may extend their move out date until after commencement.


Please note the security deposit is for the room key, door key and mailbox key. If student loses a key, it will be deducted from their security deposit. Therefore, on the move out date student will only receive what’s left of their security deposit. This is also for damages occurred by resident and cleaning.

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