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Residential Life, Housing & Urban Affairs

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Residence Life at Turner Theological Seminary (TTS) at the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) creates a supportive environment and housing for seminarians, graduates, and undergraduates in the Atlanta University Center (AUC). TTS believe our values should be equal to those of the AUC Campus Life. 

 TTS at the ITC is committed to meeting the physical and operational needs of the campus. To help us most efficiently manage Service Requests, please submit all emergency or routine service requests to the Residential Life Director, Rev. Robert L. Johnson at or contact the office at (404) 527-0080.

Residential Life Office Hours:  Monday  through Friday - 9 am to 12 pm; Lunch 12 pm to 1 pm; 1 pm to 4pm


Turner Theological Seminary In-house Security (334) 650 - 3177

For life-threatening emergencies, please call 911.  ITC Campus Security: (404) 527 - 7797.         


                                                         Talbot Hall - FALL 2023 & SPRING 2024 Dorm Fees 

                                                         Fall                                                                         Semester               

                                                Dormitory/shared:                                                             $3600                      

                                                Dormitory/single:                                                               $4600                     

                                                   Efficiency (Graduate Student Only):                                $5600 

                                                 1- Bedroom Apartment (Graduate Student Only):         $7600 

Spring / Fall 2023 Dorm Important Information

All students (new and returning) must submit a housing application

New Students must pay a $500 deposit for application approval

  • Upon approval - Students must pay 50% of housing fees to secure the room

  • The remaining (50%) payment is due before move-in


Returning Students must pay 50% of housing fees  to secure room

  • No students with a GPA lower than a 3.0 will be allowed to reside in an efficiency or single room

  • Deposits are transferrable to the Spring 2023 semester​

All current students must move out by - MAY 19, 20, & 21 (SPRING 2023) &  December 13th, 14th, 15th (FALL 2023)


Students owed housing deposits will be mailed after December 16th

  • Students must return door and room keys

  • After the inspection of the room, the deposit will be mailed 

                                                                 Talbot Hall - FALL 2023 & SPRING 2024 Dorm Fees 

             Fall                                                                                   Semester               

                                                Dormitory/shared:                                                                     $3600                      

                                                Dormitory/single:                                                                       $4600                     

                                                   Efficiency (Graduate Student Only):                                        $5600 

                                                 1- Bedroom Apartment (Graduate Student Only):                 $7600 


In order to secure the selected dorm preference, you must pay a $500 security deposit (including $100 non-refundable application and processing fees). In addition, you are required to pay 50% of the selected dorm preference (ex. Shared dorm – 50% = $900, Single dorm* – 50% = $1400, Efficiency – 50% = $1800. *ALL Dorms are at the approval of the Dean.  You will not be allowed in your room unless your entire bill is paid in full.

Please note that a $500 security deposit (includes a $100 non-refundable application

and processing fees) is required for new Spring/Fall residents Only.


Talbot Hall Housing Amenities:   

  • Security Camera

  • In-House Security Team

  • WIFI ( 1st Floor)

  •  Pest Control Services

  • Professional Cleaning Service for Common Areas

  • Mailbox/Mailroom Service

  • Private Meeting Room and Study Area

  • Free Laundry Room Services

  • Efficiencies (Studio Apartments) with small kitchenette and bathroom

  • Elevator Services

  • Private Parking

An additional $250 will be charged to cover housing amenities!!!

Please note the security deposit is for the door key and room key (the room key is also mailbox key). If a student loses a key, it is a $100 fee per key that must be paid before a key can be reissued. 

What is theft of services in Georgia?

Theft of services in Georgia is considered deception with the intent to avoid payment for knowingly obtaining services, accommodation, or the use of personal property all of which can only be available with compensation. Convictions of theft of services with the value of the property being under $1500 is considered a misdemeanor while $1500 or more is considered a felony offense.

Download Roommate Agreement File

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