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Certificate in Lay Leadership & Managing Volunteers (CLLMV)

The Certificate

in Lay Leadership & Managing Volunteers (CLLMV) 

(Noncredit Continuing Education Program)


Program Coordinators

Sis. Robin Porter Smith



The Certificate in Lay Leadership & Managing Volunteers (CLLMV) is open to all interested individuals, with or without college degrees, who desire to focus on skills needed for ministry in a shorter timeframe than a degree program. The Certificate in Lay Leadership & Managing Volunteers (CLLMV) is a continuing education program designed to provide an organized, structured series of eight (8) courses for laypersons who want to improve their knowledge and preparedness for ministry.  These 8 modules/courses will equip lay leaders with a biblical, theological, and historical understanding. 

Cost of Attendance

Full Tuition: $1850  

Admission Application: FREE

Registration: $50 (non-refundable)

Total Cost: $1850 per Certificate Program for Tuition and Registration  

Cost per class: $225  |  One-Time Registration: $50  

The Program commitment requires nine to twelve months of study to complete eight (8) courses that are 4 weeks in length. Class sessions are once a week and multiple courses are offered during each Fall and Spring term. 

Courses Offered (Noncredit)

All eight (8) classes must be successfully completed to receive a Certificate in Lay Leadership and Managing Volunteers (CLLMV):

  1. Lay Leadership: Spiritual Disciplines, Spiritual Formation, and Congregational Perspective

  2. Church Growth, Development & Discipleship

  3. AME Polity and the Understanding of the Local and Connectional Church

  4. Church Administration, Financial Management, & Managing Volunteers

  5. Music, Worship, and Liturgy in the Black Church

  6. Building Clergy and Laity relationships in the Local Church

  7. Old Testament Survey for Laypersons

  8. New Testament Survey for laypersons

  9. “The Great Commission” – Lay Ministry Beyond the Walls


TUITION & FEES (Non-refundable):

Course Tuition is $225.00 per course.  Course Registration fee is $50  payable at time of registration.   This payment schedule must be followed by all students.  

Total Cost: $225 per course for Tuition and Registration $50 (one-time fee)

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